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I've an EASY PC E700 WinCE Series. Windows CE 6.0 is installed on it, but it's very awful! It doesn't let me see videos on Youtube and Adobe Flash can't be installed.

I surfed the Web to search an alternate OS (I also searched for another web browser, and I found Opera Mini, but it's the same installed on phones, so it's not so good for netbooks), but I don't understand if Debian (or other Linux based OSs) can be installed on this machine.

This is its hw (if you can call it so):

  • CPU: VIA WM VT8500 ( ARM 926EJ-S )
  • RAM: 128MB DDR2

According to this answer it can't be installed, but it seems Android can. Unluckily I've not found a valid "document" explaining how to install it. I've found only a tutorial about easy_linux, but the same developer says it's bugged.

What do you suggest me? Ok, as well as throwing it out the window! :P

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Hmm, your machine might indeed be able to run some flavor of Linux. Here are my comments on this though :

  • It is very, very likely that getting a proper Linux environment to run on the thing will take you a huge amount of time
  • Hardware support on Linux might not be very good (for instance some peripherals might not work)
  • The computing power of this device is very, very low. No matter the software, the hardware is not powerful enough to stream YouTube videos.

With all this in mind, I think the most efficient solution for you would be to buy a cheap (but recent) Atom-based, Ubuntu-supported Netbook.

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... unless you want to learn a lot about computers. Getting Linux working on this puppy will involve becoming quite expert--you might even have to write your own device drivers. – CarlF Apr 25 '11 at 12:44
I was afraid of an answer like this. That's the truth, though. Thank you! – Markon Apr 25 '11 at 20:33

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