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I want to play the sound from my current machine on a remote machine. Both machines have SSH installed, so SSH seems like a good option (if that's even possible). If not, I could alternatively use more dedicated software running on both machines.

Both machines in question are running OSX. To clarify, I want the sound which normally comes out of the client machine to come out of the server machine. I could just afplay file.mp3 over SSH, but it would be good to just route all system sound (or at least from the browser, so I can play youtube videos for example).

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LogMeIn Pro seems to have sound sharing, but it comes at $70 a year. – slhck May 3 '11 at 7:04
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on second thoughts: "playing stuff over the network" is usually referred to as "streaming". There are several ways to stream audio over the network. SSH is not often used in such scenarios.

Take a look at Jack:

and the NetJack:

that should get you started quickly..

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