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my Windows 7 machine has lost the ability to identify network connections and connect to the internet. both my LAN and WLAN connections to the router are affected. only thing I can think of happening is something occurring during my last iTunes update. any one else encountering this? I've been offline for days now. very frustrating.

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I was having the same problem with my network, would not identify either wireless or LAN. Read on another site to uninstall your network adaptor and reboot so windows will reinstall it. This worked for me and fixed the problem, might be worth a try.

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Execute services.msc (Windows + R), and look for Wired AutoConfig and WLAN AutoConfig, check if they are in Automatic (also, check if they are started).

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I feel your pain as I had the same problem few days ago where I tried numerous work arounds and fixes from the internet to solve this but to no luck. Windows 7 recognised my home wireless network as unidentified public and couldn't change it back to Public (once I was able to change it back to Home through leaving the home group but still did not work and upon restarting it was the same again). In the end I simply had to re-install windows 7 and works fine now (microsfot sigh).

While I was reading some of the threads in the internet I remember coming accross a message where a user had trouble with the Bonjour service where it messes up windows networking and un-installing Bonjour did help fix the problem to this particular user. Maybe you can attempt this and see if it solves your issue?

Some sites I had a look at while trying to fix my problem.

Hope these will lead you to better fortunes. If you fix it let us know what you did incase any other user also has similar problem!

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