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When I take a screenshot in Ubuntu 10.04 (Gnome) using application "Take Screenshot" I get a screenshow this a default mouse cursor, but when i take a screenshot, cursor of mouse was another, for instance, cursor of mouse, which happen when window is resizing. How i can do screenshot with current cursor mouse, but not default

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Try using the combination PrintScr or Alt+PrintSc.

If this don't work, use Shutter and configure the "Preferences > Advanced > Capture > Include cursor" options


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For me it's always the default mouse cursor shown on the screenshot. – dbalakirev May 17 '15 at 9:31
This does creates a "snapshot" sound in Gome, but it doesn't appear to do anything else. There's no file generated... – Cerin May 16 at 4:35
@Cerin please, review the folder ~ or ~/pictures as explained in the official documentation… – n00b Jun 5 at 10:23

Try: gnome-screenshot -p

From the help: -p, --include-pointer Include the pointer with the screenshot

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Note that this doesn't seem to work with a text select cursor, it just appears as a regular cursor. – Daniel Imms Nov 20 '15 at 4:46
@DanielImms Moreover, it always only displays a regular cursor. – Paul Lammertsma Mar 22 at 17:54

Just found this:

[ubuntu] Screenshot include mouse pointer? -

Start gconf-editor and check /apps/gnome-screenshot/include_pointer

Seems to work for me with PrintScreen -> gnome-screenshot ...

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Screenshot using KDE:

  • ksnapshot (screenshot of full screen)
  • ksnapshot --region (select a part of the screen by drawing a rectangle)
  • ksnapshot --freeregion (select a part of the screen by drawing freely)
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The question is regarding GNOME, not KDE. – DrZoo Jul 5 at 22:05

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