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I've discovered that Windows 7 comes with ISO burning ability built right into Windows Explorer. It's a great addition, but I was wondering if Windows 7 supports any other formats. For example: .ccd, .dvd, .img, .udf, or .bin.

Also, does it support dual-layer disc images?

I've looked through Microsoft's documentation and I can't find a simple answer anywhere. Thanks.

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It appears that Windows 7 Disc Image Burner only supports .iso and .img image formats, from this page on Technet:

Burn a Disc Image from an ISO or IMG file in Windows 7

Another source that says the same thing (only .iso and .img are supported):

How to Burn a Disc Image from a ISO or IMG file in Windows 7

As for dual-layer disc image support, check out this thread, it looks like it might - worth a try...

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Thanks. Shame there's nothing conclusive on dual-layer burning. My tests seem to indicate that you're right about ISO and IMG files, though. – Django Reinhardt Apr 26 '11 at 11:55

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