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Using the keyboard is it possible to switch focus between the two panes of text when in split mode? (Split mode started by menu command Window/Split Window.)

I am already using the keyboard for almost all operations in UltraEdit, including Ctrl+TAB to switch between open documents. I am yet to find a way to use the keyboard to switch between the split panes in a document.

Platform: UltraEdit v14.2, Windows XP SP2 64 bit.

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Have you tried Ctrl+Tab? – Sampson Aug 21 '09 at 22:40
That switches between the open documents, not between the split panes in a document. I am using Ctrl+Tab at least 500 times per day. – Peter Mortensen Aug 21 '09 at 23:03
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Use F6 to switch focus between the two panes of text in split mode.

I found the solution by going to menu Advanced/Configuration/Key Mapping and pressed button "Show key mapping in editor" to get the list of keyboard shortcuts into an editor window. I then searched for "focus" and this one seemed to fit the bill (and it did):

F6                 FocusNextPane             Switch to next window pane
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Under Advanced, Configuration you can set hot keys to whatever you want to switch the views.

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