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I have audio being feed to the line in jack for my iMic USB Audio device. I have LAME & Vorbis OGG Tools installed using MacPorts. How do I directly record the line in jack using command line software? I know in Linux there is the program arecord, but what do I use in Mac OS X 10.6 to accomplish this? Is there a way with LAME or OGGENC using raw options?

I'm trying to put together a BASH script to record then forward the audio file and I just need to know how to grab the line in audio to save to a file so I can use another program to auto forward it.

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The problem turns out to be alot harder than it should be.

Normally I would recommend SOX, but I ran into an issue getting it to record audio:

It's pretty easy to come up with a simple python script, but due to a bug in the wave module it can't be used in a pipe:

Ecasound is another common program I have used on Linux/FreeBSD, but it doesn't support coreaudio on OSX and can't be used for recording.

At the end of the day the best I have found is a 2 stage process where I record the audio with one script and then convert to mp3 with lame.

Here's a simple python script. Adjust the INDEX to be the appropriate device index from the system preferences list:

    #!/usr/bin/env python2.5

    import sys
    import pyaudio
    import wave

    FILENAME = 'recording.wav'
    INDEX = 0
    FORMAT = pyaudio.paInt16
    CHANNELS = 2
    RATE = 48000
    CHUNK = 1024

    p = pyaudio.PyAudio()
    stream =
        format = FORMAT,
        channels = CHANNELS,
        rate = RATE,
        input = True,
        frames_per_buffer = CHUNK,
        input_device_index = INDEX)

    wf =, 'wb')

    while True:
            # sys.stdout.flush()
        except IOError:

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