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I have a DroboShare and Drobo dashboard running on my 64-bit Mac, and for some reason I have two different Drobo support daemons running:

"/Library/Application Support/Data Robotics/Drobo Dashboard/DDServiced"


"/Library/Application Support/Data Robotics/Drobo Dashboard/DDService64d"

It seems to me that one of these is probably redundant, but they're both enabled. Could I safely disable one of these?

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When I upgraded my 64-bit iMac from Snow Leopard to Lion, Drobo Dashboard stopped launching. It complained "a required portion of drobo dashboard is no longer running." Un-installing and re-installing the latest Dashboard did not solve the problem. What did solve the problem was opening a Terminal window, navigating to /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/Library/Application\ Support/Data\ Robotics/ and launching DDServiced and DDService64d. When I launched DDServiced, a message appeared saying the service was already running, followed by a crash report. When I launched DDService64d, a ports-permissions dialog appeared, to which I consented, and then Dashboard opened.

So, based on my experience, when the 64d service is not running, Drobo Dashboard won't start. Don't disable that one.

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