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It bugs me that Windows always sticks new Explorer info windows in the middle of the screen (eg when doing a copy) such as this:status in the middle

Is it possible to force status windows like that to pop-up in a corner instead? (Preferably the lower-left, since I like my Start bar on the top, but any corner would be an improvement.) Or, if not in a corner, perhaps to pop them up so that when multiples are ongoing, they tile?

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You could also conceivably create an AutoHotKey script that would just wait around for certain window types to appear, then relocate them... Something like this:

    WinWait, ahk_class #32770
        WinMove, 0, 0       ; move the window to the top left
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Download Resource Hacker or Resource Tuner.

Take ownership of %windir%\System32\en-US\Shell32.dll.mui Then open it in one of the above programs.

You probably want dialog 1131, search for Progress

The position is set to 0, 0 which means it should be at the center of the screen. Change those numbers around to suite your needs.

"Then save the file at some other location. At last rename default file to some other name like "imageres_bak.dll" and copy new modified file to the same folder. restart your system and Windows will start using the new file."

Good luck, you'll need it. This is no quick fix.

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