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How do I know which firewall is installed on my Red Hat 4 system?

Are there any commands or procedures I can follow?

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To see all software installed look at a YUM or other RH software installers, I'm not sure what had RH 4 uses. You can also get a list of software from a command line interface (terminal) By using the command:

rpm -qa > install.txt

Then view it in a text editor.

Linux uses IPCHAINS so the firewall is built in to the IP stack. You can read up on Linux firewalling at A useful GUI program for implementing a firewall rule set is FIRESTARTER for Gnome.

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A RHEL4 system uses iptables, not ipchains. ipchains is the older firewall implementation. – Xenoactive May 8 '11 at 3:58

Your RHEL4 system is using iptables. The rule set is stored in /etc/sysconfig/iptables. Read up on iptables, and do a few Google searches. There are plenty of examples out there.

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