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When Skype is turned on every 30 sec I hear the Windows beep sound. I cant seem to find out why or how to turn it of.

I followed this tutorial and this tutorial I uncheck all the sounds like he described but I still hear a Windows beep sound every 30 sec or so even if nothing is happening in Skype.

It only happens when I have Skype running.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

Edit: I found out what it was. I have a memory card reader and somehow Skype disconnected and connected the device when active. Dont know why ??? The sounds i was hearing was the disconnect and connect sound from the memory card reader. Very strange !!! Sorry if i have wasted anyones time.

Thanks anyway. This site is awsome :D

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I found that double beep sound happening when a new contact came online. I disabled it from the skype sound preferences

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