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I'm wondering how I can convert iPhone videos into a format that I can use a burner such as LiquidCD to burn a VIDEO_TS folder onto a DVD. Preferably a tool that's simple and free (or at least inexpensive). Mac OS only. Thanks!

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With iDVD version 7 (the latest, not upgraded since iLife '08) you can drag an .m4v or .mp4 directly onto a project. This might even work with earlier versions (don't have any to test). Every Mac in recent memory should have a copy.

Not surprisingly, the videos don't play if bought through the iTunes Store.

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No kidding! I'll have to try this out next time I have the chance (couple days or so). Thanks! – CaptSaltyJack Apr 27 '11 at 14:47

Having trawled the net for suitable programs I have to agree that iDVD is about the best program for the job. It has some good themes, can do transitions, allows custom text etc. OK, it's a bit tricky if your DVD is longer than 2 hours (you might need some blank DL DVD's) and many of it's themes are a bit cheesy but there are one or two gems.

Try searching the net for extra themes. Not tried myself but I understand there are some add on's

Hope this helps.

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You had asked for "Simpler" -- the easiest one I found is Evom. It's drag and drop:

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Nice! I'll try this out as well, tonight. – CaptSaltyJack Apr 29 '11 at 18:57

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