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I have a MS Access database that I need to connect to a MySQL db. I can't be sure what PC the Access db will be opened on and it must work on any office pc that's used. I believe I need to create a DSN-less connection to do this. I created the linked table with a DSN but of course, it doesn't work for anyone else.

I've done some googling and what I get back tells me how to put a connection string in the code. I don't have any code here, no script. If I have to write something in the code somewhere, where does that need to go exactly?


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Doug Steele has provided code to do this for you. I use it in all my SQL Server/ODBC applications. I program on a machine with a DSN defined, and when I add a linked table/view using the DSN, I immediately run his code to convert it to a DSN-less connection. It works great.

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