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Does anyone know how to restore all minimized windows in Windows 7 to their original positions?

I know I can right click the taskbar to cascade, stack, or display them side by side. I also know that some apps let you right click on their icon in the taskbar and restore all windows for that applications.

I want them back in their original positions and sizes before I hid them to see my desktop.

Is this just not possible? I've done web searches looking for the answer and nobody lists a way to restore ALL minimized windows to their ORIGINAL positions.


[Edited to add: After restoring one of the minimized windows. The normal hide/restore shortcuts only toggle desktop and the restored window. Not all of the minimized windows. I'm looking for a way to restore all minimized windows regardless of how many of them may have been restored individually.]

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Shift+RightClick on the button on the taskbar, and click on "Restore all windows" or type R.  It "restores all windows".

Note: "Restore all windows" will appear as a context menu option only if "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" → "Taskbar buttons" is set either to

  • "Always combine, hide labels" or
  • "Combine when taskbar is full " and windows to restore are combined

"Restore all windows" will not appear in the context menu (replaced by "Restore" only the selected window) if "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" → "Taskbar buttons" is set either to

  • "Never Combine" or
  • "Combine when taskbar is full " and windows to restore are not combined

To open "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties":

  • Right click any empty area on the taskbar and select "Properties"     (hint: "Properties" will be at or near the bottom of the menu; the first item under "Lock the taskbar"), or
  • Right click the Windows Start Button, select "Properties", and, in the "Taskbar and Start Menu Properties" window that opens, click the "Taskbar" tab.
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This is the real answer. – NothingsImpossible May 27 '13 at 9:26
This is NOT the real answer: if only works for one app at a time. If you want to restore all windows from all apps, you need to depend on thw Win-Shift-M trick. – Carl Witthoft May 16 at 17:15

Win+Shift+M should do the trick.

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This doesn't work on Windows 7. – CajunLuke Apr 27 '11 at 23:36
Actually it works in my W7.... – Juan Sebastian Totero Apr 28 '11 at 6:59
@jst Interesting. I hit Win-D, then reopened a few windows from the taskbar, but then Win-Shift-M didn't do anything. What did you do? – CajunLuke Apr 28 '11 at 13:42
@CajunLuke : Actually, Win+M minimizes all windows and Win+Shift+M restores all minimized windows. Been trying and saw sometimes it dows not work as expected. Sometimes it restores only some windows, sometimes nothing at all. Try this : Open more windows, tile them, Win-M and later Win-shift-M. – Juan Sebastian Totero Apr 28 '11 at 14:44
This doesn't work consistently for me either. Shift+(RightClick followed by R) works for me though. – Rich Mar 16 at 18:11

Maybe could sound silly, but did you try Win+D?

It should Hide and Show back all Windows in their original position.

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I added more detail in the original question. Win+D will not work once you open a minimized window. – WD-40 Apr 27 '11 at 17:10
Win+Shift+M only works on windows you used the Win+M command. For the windows one minimized individually you have to restore them individually. – user590869 May 6 at 0:35

Win+D, Win+Shift+M, and Right-Click in taskbar and type U

These all work to restore minimized windows on Windows 7

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This question was asked three years ago, so it looks like the answer is: There isn't one.

But, if you're the scripting type, it's easy to make one:

With the WASP Powershell library, and a tiny amount of Powershell script, you can make one:

Import-Module .\WASP.dll

Select-Window | foreach { 
        if ($_.GetIsMinimized()) { $_.Restore() } }

And to make it a hotkey, you could use AutoHotKey:

; Windows Key + Shift + M

PowershellExe := "C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe"
PowershellCommand := " -Command ""& { "
PowershellCommand .= " Import-Module ""C:\WaspDirectory\WASP.dll""; "
PowershellCommand .= " Select-Window | foreach{ "
PowershellCommand .= "     if ($_.GetIsMinimized()) { $_.Restore() } } } "" "

Run %PowershellExe% %PowershellCommand%
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