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Firefox 3.x has a "three finger" gesture using the trackpad to perform Page Up and Page Down, but neither Safari or Google Chrome has it.

Is there a way to enable this gesture on those applications?

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How does the gesture work on Firefox? Is it only available on the newer (buttonless) trackpads? – Jonik Aug 22 '09 at 9:12
@Jonik: I guess. You just use three fingers and a slide them down a bit and it takes you to the end of the screen. Very useful for instance to navigate from S[OFU] sites ( stackoverflow, serverfault, superuser, blog etc ) – OscarRyz Aug 24 '09 at 16:50

Check out MultiClutch. It allows you to customize what the gestures do (set a gesture to do a keypress - in this case you would want Page Up and Page Down for 3 finger up and down respectively).

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I dont think you can do it out of the box. Have you tried some of the third party mouse gesture apps?

Google turned this up with a quick search:

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Use BetterTouchTool: You can set up many actions with up to five fingers (oddly not with two).

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My favorite gesture app that does this is Jitouch. The default install now has exactly this gesture enabled for Safari. It allows you to add new trackpad or Magic Mouse gestures and is pretty customizable.

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