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how do I detect and kill zombie processes left from the command line of a Linux terminal?

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You can't kill the undead :P. Zombie process are dead process that are waiting to be "waited" with the parent process. In this process the parent knows how their children ended. When ever the terminal ends, this process will be inherit by init and init will "wait" them. So what you need is to kill/end the parent process. –  anizzomc Apr 28 '11 at 15:17

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You cannot kill a zombie process. If the parent process does not call wait(), you have to kill the parent process to remove the zombie.

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You can grep for "defunct", or check for Z in the "state" output

ps -eo state,pid,cmd | grep "^Z"

If you want to kill it as well

ps -eo state,ppid | awk '$1=="Z"{cmd="kill -9 "$2;system(cmd) }'
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ps aux

and look at the status column. Zombie are represented by letter Z.

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