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Let me just say thanks in advance.

I am having issues getting google-chrome browser into full KIOSK MODE with no browser bar on a linux platform

Looking through the google forums I have found numerous postings on how to get Chrome to show full kiosk mode BUT

tried to execute with --kiosk but doesnt seem to get the job done.

I dont know if this is platform specific or not, but any useful information would help.

I know F11 will display the browser in full kiosk mode, with no browser bar BUT is there a way to do this with a linux script and no need for a monkey pressing F11??

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See the Issue 23145 on Google Code for this feature. Looks like you can get this by running it with --kiosk --incognito --no-context-menu to get what you want.

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thanks for the response. I will give it a test tonight or in the morning and get back to you. – Brandon Ellis Apr 27 '11 at 23:39
Ok this does work, but I want every bar gone. incognito seems to remove 1 portion of the actual bar. – Brandon Ellis Apr 28 '11 at 0:19

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