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Here is a snapshot of a screencast I was watching:

enter image description here

How do you create such animated presentation in a screencast? I know how to capture stuff I am doing on my computer as screencast, but how do you build a dynamic presentation? What are the tools available for a Mac user?

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has versions for both Windows and OS X although the OS X version doesn't offer that many features. You could take a look at the free trial and see if it works out for you. I think it's a decent software.

enter image description here

Snapz Pro X

is a dedicated OS X screencasting software and comes at $69. It also has some nice features but might not be the right thing for you.

SMART Software

is specialized on note-taking for classes, meetings and presentations. We used it at University. It allows you to write on your screen with digital ink by using a graphics tablet or a touchscreen.

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