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I've got a .pages file that contains some copy-pasted text from a Website and therefore has a lot of hyperlinks behind certain words.

I know there is the option to Make all hyperlinks inactive, but what I actually want to do is remove the links completely, not just make them inactive.

Is there some way to do this without having to click each link and then uncheck Enable as a hyperlink?

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According to this forum thread, there are some options:

  1. I usually paste it into 'TextEdit' and making sure that TexEdit is displaying fonts as Plain Text. Then copy the links or texts from TexEdit and paste it into Pages.

  2. Open the Inspector palette. Select the second last tab called "Link Inspector", then highlight the link itself. Click the "Enable as a hyperlink" checkbox to off and it will disappear.

  3. In Pages preferences, there's an option on the "Auto Correct" tab to "Automatically detect email and web addresses". Untick that and it shouldn't happen if what you're pasting contains a URL or an email address.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks. 2) and 3) don't work because the text is already there. 1) would remove the formatting it already has but seems like the most appropriate option. –  slhck Apr 29 '11 at 11:31
@slhck: Yeah, (1) seems like the best possible solution. –  Mehper C. Palavuzlar Apr 29 '11 at 11:45

In Pages 5.2.2, one can remove (or add) a link by clicking "Format" which gives an option to "Add link" or "Remove link". It really is very easy.

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The point of this question was to not have to do it for each link individually. –  slhck Sep 18 '14 at 4:25

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