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What is the difference between ia64 and x64?

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According to this page:

  1. IA64 refers to the 64 bit Itanium architecture while x64 is the 64 bit extension to the x86 architecture.

  2. The IA64 is exclusive to Intel while x64 is used by all.

  3. IA64 was intended for high-end server applications while x64 was initially intended for desktops but were scaled up.

  4. IA64 systems are not able to run old x86 applications while most x64 systems are.

  5. IA64 is very slow to adopt new computer technologies while x64 is very fast.

  6. IA64 would no longer be supported by newer versions of Microsoft Windows while the x64 would still be supported.

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"ia64" is Itanium, a server CPU architecture Intel created around 2000 incompatible with the "x86" processors in wide use on desktop systems. Itanium was supposed to be "next best thing" but it proved not to bring the performance benefits that it was touted to have. It is on the way out.

x64 is a vendor-neutral/Microsoft term for 64-bit CPUs. A lot of Linux people will use the term "amd64" instead because AMD was the one that first came out with CPUs that extended the Intel "x86" 32-bit instruction set and architecture to 64 bits (rather than developing a new, incompatible 64-bit processor).

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i7 is the INTEL 64Bit Processor. The i5 and i3 are smaller sub versions.

AMD64 is the AMD 64bit Processor. AMD was the company that Stole designs from INTEL with a Chinese operative and were caught in doing it.

I was a senior member of a company and was 2-in-a-box with an INTEL Director. I was the technical contact and Instructor to the INTEL design team World Wide. I have a i7 and System ten tries to load AMD64 software because they use system 8 software for the 'dos app'. My patent is used within INTEL and not within AMD to my knowledge. Martin

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Smaller sub versions, odd description since the difference between i7 and (i5 and i3) are just product features, all of them are x86-64 processors – Ramhound Apr 2 at 22:17
Additionally AMD64 is the official name for the 64-bit x86 64-bit instruction set extension developed by AMD, it's not a processor, but the name of the extension. This answer is a bunch of nonsense, and is not, written by an Intel engineer – Ramhound Apr 2 at 22:19
This answer also does not answer the authors question. – Ramhound Apr 2 at 22:22

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