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Just got a Genius eMessenger 310 webcam, and I'm trying to change the capture resolution and FPS. The box says "Video resolution: CIF: up to 30fps, VGA: up to 30fps" but so far I've been unable to set anything other than 160x120 and what looks like 10fps.

I've tried Skype and VLC, this is the config dialog that shows up for both:

enter image description here

VGA SnapSize is grayed out but it refers to snapshots anyway. So no mention of resolution or FPS.

Has anyone been able to change these parameters or is this a scam and I'm just wasting my time?

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Low Light mode may result in restrictions on whether you can set these parameters. A camera in low light may reduce the frame rate and resolution in an attempt to capture more light. Try unchecking the Low Light setting.

While I am not familiar with webcams, this is my experience with a variety of camera devices.

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thanks, tried that, nothing changes. – Mauricio Scheffer Apr 30 '11 at 1:02

Try reducing the Exposure to 64 or less. This will make the FPS rise up to nearly 30. And then rise the Brtightness or Gamma a little to compensate for brightness. Source: my experience with this webcam.

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