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My router has a hidden broadcast. Let's say it's called Eagle. I've set my Vista Enterprise SP1 to detect it.

But after a while, something strange started to happen: on the list of available networks, I started seeing and Eagle, Eagle 1, Eagle 1 2, Eagle 1 2 3, ...

Today, I'm all the way up to 15.

And sometimes, there's an "unidentified network" on the list. If I choose to connect to that, enter the name "Eagle" and enter the correct passphrase, I have a succesfull connection.

Does anybody here have experience with that kind of thing?

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This doesn't answer your question, but it's worth mentioning that hiding the SSID of your wireless network does nothing to increase the security of your wireless network. I'm assuming this is the reason you are hiding it, since I can't think of any other reason to do it.

Use WPA/WPA2 with a long key and forget the myth of hiding the SSID.

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Well you learn something new everyday. The kids pressurised me to change my network from WPA2 to WEP so they could connect their Nintendo DS's. I don't think they've used the wireless since! I'll have to have words and change it back. – ChrisF Aug 22 '09 at 13:18

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