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My mom's HP Pavilion dv7 laptop will not boot, or even post. It does power on briefly (fans spin up, LEDs come on) when the Power button is pressed, but it does not beep/post or display the bios. Instead it almost immediately turns off again. Here is an h.264 video of the Pavilion dv7 laptop not booting.

It does the same thing no matter what I've tried, including:

  • holding down the power button
  • using just the battery
  • plugging in the the charger and removing the battery
  • removing both RAM chips
  • removing a CMOS battery

HP Pavilion dv7

What would cause something like this to happen? This laptop is just over a year old (conveniently just passed it's warranty from where she bought it). I know that she always uses a notebook cooler pad with two fans. And, afaik, has taken pretty good care of the machine and had no "accidents" with it.

Update: After probing about whether there were any accidents with the device, she had this to say:

There was a lot of static electricity and my fingers sparked on it several different times

Apparently she was building up static electricity in her room. The incident that she mentioned happened a few days before it stopped working. Could that have really caused the boot failure?

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The Solution

Long pressing the power button for about 10 seconds depolarizes the power cuplinks, and resolves the problem caused by static electricity. The laptop now boots and works normally again!


Actually I have no idea what long pressing the power button technically does (I've just been watching alot of Star Trek recently). When she called in to request repair service, the support technician immediately suspected the problem was caused by static electricity. She suggested doing the power button long press, and after doing just that the problem was resolved.

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Could be the DC Jack....I just replaced 2 this week on HP laptops. I know the ZV5000 and a few others have this issue. Do you get a battery charge symbol when adapter is plugged in?

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Yes, the front LED lights up when I plug in the charger. –  briankb May 1 '11 at 3:08

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