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With Dell's purchase I was given a subscription of Norton Internet Security Subscription for 60 days (or 3 months)... I think after 60 days, the virus DB can not be updated, but the virus scanning ability is supposed to stay.

But it nags you every day to Renew. How can a user disable it to never show again, without uninstalling Norton completely?

A virus can abuse a general user's computer, do bad things, anything that a user is not willing.

And Norton Internet Security, after expiration, will nag you every day, not giving you a "close button" to close the window, so the only easy way is to "Renew now", or else it makes you click the list, select "Remind me later" and click OK, and it doesn't give you a choice for "Never remind again". How is it that much different from a virus in terms of "forcing its power onto you"?

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Its been asked before and Symantec seems to think it's a feature, not a bug -- so it's unlikely that there's any way to remove it.

Norton's primary aim for the trial installs is to get people to keep on using their products, so it's in their interest to annoy you into doing so. There's a good many free, updated anti virus software -- my current favourite is microsoft security essentials - so switching to a free and less annoying product is probably your best choice.

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aha... fits the description that the "good" is it, and the "evil" is it – 太極者無極而生 May 1 '11 at 6:57

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