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I have the following Mathematical function (I am not refer to programming language, just simply Math):

F(X)={ 1/4, X∈(0,1]
      5/12, X∈(1,2]
      9/12, X∈(2,3]
     11/12, X∈(3,4]

I want to show the output of this formula as a chart in Excel like this:

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If the intervals are uniform in width you can use a plain old column chart, and set gap width to 0 so there is no gap between the bars. Unfortunately Excel centers labels under each bar, not between them.

If they are integers >=0, you can use an area chart, as follows.

Set up the data like this:

Area Chart Data

Make an area chart, which will look like the first chart below. Even though you only have X values of 0 through 4, these are repeated, because area charts treat each occurance as a different category.

Convert the category (horizontal) axis to a date-scale axis. In 2007, format the axis, and check the box for a Time Axis. In 2003, go to Chart menu > Chart Options > Axes tab, and check the Time-Scale option. Now it looks like the second chart below.

Excel applied a date format to the date axis. Change the number format of the axis to General, and it looks like the third chart below.

Area Chart Construction Sequence

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these steps don't work for me, I please you that ,if you want, make a video recording,my chart appears different than yours. Thank you – Teodorescu May 4 '11 at 8:21

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