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This is probably an easy question for most vim users.

I want to map :tabn to <C-Tab>. It works perfectly while I'm in normal mode but when I'm in my insert mode (typing code) it just inserts tabs characters.

In my vimrc file I have

map <C-Tab> :tabn<CR>

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Try this:

:imap <C-Tab> <Esc>:tabn<CR>

That will leave you in normal mode after switching to the next tab. You could instead use this:

:imap <C-Tab> <C-O>:tabn<CR>

which will put you back into insert mode in the next tab at the position where you left the cursor in that tab.

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You will need to use the imap command. You will also need to prepend <ESC> to it to make it leave insert mode first.

imap <C-Tab> <ESC>:tabn<CR>
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When I did that it just inserted :tabn into my document. In normal mode it still worked as expected – coderdave May 1 '11 at 20:28
Edited accordingly, @coderdave. – Wuffers May 1 '11 at 20:29

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