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I've spent ages trying to build this and had a good look around for a way to do it. I have a directory tree which contains a set of folders and files. Some of the folders contain more than one file but most contain only a single one.

I'm trying to move all of the files which are on their own in directories one level below the root into the root. E.g:

  • Root is: /volume3
  • Single file in a sub folder: /volume3/20110103/20110103.log
  • File should end up as: /volume3/20110103.log

I know how to flatten the entire structure fairly easily but its the conditional part which I can't figure out how to do. Can anyone help?

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You can accomplish that by using a small shell script.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# go to "root" folder
cd /volume3
# loop over all items in "root" folder
for item in "$( ls )" ;
    # if it's a folder
    if [ -d "$item" ] ; then
        # and only contains a single item
        if [ "$( ls "$item" | wc -l )" = "1" ] ; then
            # move all files in the folder to the "root" folder
            mv "$item/"* .

(untested, but not a problem, since sane people always keep backups)

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Add rm -r "$item" after the mv` line to remove the now empty directory. – Daniel Beck May 1 '11 at 22:48
Thanks, that works really well although I ran into trouble with the for loop, found I had to declare items=$(ls) followed by for item in items ; otherwise it never found anything. This works for me but I realise that if there were spaces in the folder names this wouldnt work! – Duncan May 2 '11 at 13:58

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