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How to delete or resize pagefile.sys in WinXP? Changing properties in "My Computer" doesn't work, changing properties in Administrative Tools > Computer Management doesn't work either.

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In what way doesn't it work? – Tom Wijsman May 1 '11 at 23:51
I set sizes (original, maximal) of pagefile.sys to, say, 10 MB, then click "Set", then "OK", then reboot. File is 3.5 GB after reboot, did not changed. – DSblizzard May 4 '11 at 3:02
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First, I'd highly recommend you invest in some extra storage space (if that's the concern) rather than do this. If you have a lot of physical RAM, you probably don't need the page file in a practical sense, but it's a safety net that will prevent hard "out of memory" errors, particularly with older programs.

That said, you can use the pagefileconfig.vbs script that's in system32. Example (if you were concerned about the D drive):


After reboot it should rebuild the page file with the size you've set.

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