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How can I add an automatic page number to all pages in a LibreOffice .odt file?

I've already tried the following:

  • Insert > Header > (name of page style)
  • and Insert > Footer > (name of page style)

to add a header or footer to all pages with the current page style.

However if I do this only the first page will have a page number. The second for example doesn't have any numeration. The number seems to be set manually per page.

Any ideas? I want to make something like auto page number and every page gets a number automatically.

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From LibreOffice help:

To Insert a Page Number

  1. Choose Insert - Footer and select the page style that you want to add the footer to.
  2. Choose Insert - Fields - Page Number.

To Additionally Add a Page Count

  1. Click in front of the page number field, type Page and enter a space; click after the field, enter a space and then type of and enter another space.
  2. Choose Insert - Fields - Page Count.

This was solved. Thanks.

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