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I've installed on a Debian system Trac 0.12 (thanks to easy_install install Trac 0.11, but I want 0.12 ) and know I want to get the localization (for French).

So I've installed Babel, but that doesn't work. I've uninstalled and re-installed Trac, but that doesn't work: I don't see "Language" in the preference panel.

I do the same thing on a mandriva system, and that works like a charm.

What's happend? How can I resolve that?

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Make sure you have Babel installed before installing Trac. Only this way you enable the i18n-related functions.

Btw, Trac 0.12 is the first version with translated web-UI, with 0.11 and before you'd never see it, because it's simply not there.

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