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This is very similar to the question asked here over at Stack Overflow:

The question and answer here works fine when trying to run a remote task on a Windows 7 machine FROM a Windows 7 machine, but when trying to run a remote task on a Windows XP machine from a Windows 7 machine only results in "Error: Access denied".

The syntax being used for a successful command on remote Windows 7 from a 7:

schtasks /run /s computername /tn "taskname"

When this is run to execute a schedule task on a remote Windows XP machine, the result is:

ERROR: Access is denied.

What can be done to fix this, or is there another way to run a remote scheduled task on an XP machine from Windows 7? I do have admin access to this remote workstation. There are switches available to enter a username and password to execute the task, but entering those hasn't worked either.

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you can use the /V1 switch on schtasks and it should work. just found this myself – user101856 Oct 17 '11 at 19:08
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I'd use the Sysinternals tool psexec, and launch whatever task directly. If you really must trigger execution through the task scheduler, you can try launching a schtasks command with psexec.

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Yep - a colleague of mine emailed me with the same resolution: psexec \\computer schtasks /run /tn "task_name" – Brenton Taylor May 3 '11 at 11:59

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