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I am using a Windows keyboard on Mac OS X and the modifier keys are laid out like this:

  • Ctrl on the Windows keyboard functions as Control on a Mac keyboard (expected behavior).
  • Windows Logo Key functions as Command (unexpected behavior).
  • Alt functions as Option (unexpected as well).

I know that this is probably the way the keys are supposed to work, but I'm used to the Command key where the Alt key is, and the Option key where the Windows Logo key is.

I have tried to use the Keyboard preferences pane to switch the Option and Command keys, but when I do this, only the left modifier keys work.

My Question:

So the question is, is there any way to swap the Option and Command keys while both left and right modifier keys work?

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In keyboard preferences there's a "Modifier Keys" button in there that will let you swap modifier keys. I use a PC keyboard with my Mac, and it remembers the choice for my keyboard and the laptop keyboard.

I'm assuming your problem is that the modifier keys to the right of the space key don't swap their functions after using that preference?

enter image description here

I used to use a preference application called DoubleCommand. It might do what you want.

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That program does the trick! Thank you! – Wuffers May 3 '11 at 12:26

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