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Does anyone know how to change the display of my Outlook Sent Items back to "who I sent them to" instead of showing the messages are sent by me?

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Right click on a listview column header name (for example Sent), then choose "Customize Current View" then choose "Fields", then of course you would select "To" from the left side.

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Even though there is an answer to this, I want to present it in pictures to make this easier. I'm using Outlook 2013.

The archived Sent Items Folder was showing my name instead of showing the recipient name as shown below
enter image description here

To make the change go to View tab and select View Settings under the Current View Section.

Click on Columns to bring about the Show Columns dialog.
enter image description here

Follow the numbering for easy steps.

Now that you have To in the list of columns, just remove the From from the list by clicking on it and selection Remove.

Click OK and OK. Now all the items in your (archived) Sent items folder will be listed by the recipient name in descending order.

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