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Is there an app that's similar to GeekTool that will allow me to show graphical charts on my desktop showing resource usage (network i/o, disk usage, etc)? Specifically, I'm looking for something like Samurize for windows so I can in some way replicate the chart on the right-hand side of this image.

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I did something similar using Scruffy to create pngs that I used for a desktop dashboard

Assuming you can pass a few numbers to a simple script, it should be easy to use scruffy to make a chart and then have that chart load from geektool.

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Heh, you'd at least expect the examples to work on their website! I'll look into it though, thanks. – Phillip Oldham Sep 8 '09 at 13:57

Without the graph (filling bar portion):

You could do something similar in GeekTool using a desktop background (or even an alpha'd picture for the basic curves below the text element) and careful spacing (hello printf!) in either a script or the command you specify in GeekTool. Are you using GeekTool 2 or 3?

An example of spacing with printf:

printf "Line 1: %-50s\nLine 2: %50s\n" "Hello Left aligned" "World is right aligned"
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