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What is a GPU/software combination that does efficient/high-speed conversion from Motion JPEG to any high-compression/high-quality codec without using a lot of CPU?

I'm working on a dSLR video workflow.

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Unfortunately x264 – which is probably one of the fastest h.264 encoders out there – has no GPU acceleration yet. There's a "nice" forum discussion about it.

However, researchers at Uni Heidelberg have implemented x264 with OpenCL support, but I haven't tried this yet. You might want to give it a shot, it also has some examples. Can't try it here because I'm on a Mac.

Apart from that, you will probably need a newer Intel processor and an NVIDIA graphics card because of the proprietary CUDA implementation. I found two pieces of software for this:


is actually free.

Hardware encoding acceleration (nVidia CUDA & Intel Media SDK)


comes at $40, but doesn't really seem to provide acceptable quality (I've read this in some forums)

And with it comes new features, high-end performance, premium video quality, and graphics acceleration via the latest NVIDIA and Intel hardware!

That all being said, I wonder if these tools actually work with Motion JPEG as input. Doesn't seem so straight from the feature list, but you might just want to give it a shot.

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too bad mediacoder isn't open source... – rogerdpack Aug 8 '12 at 18:22

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