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Motherboard: P7P55D-E PRO

Processor : i5-760

PSU : Gigabyte Superb 460

The PSU provides a 4-pin CPU connector; whereas the m/b has an 8-pin socket (2 sockets are covered/protected by a rubber flap)

My question is - Will all 4 cores work with this 4-pin connector, or is an EPS12V compatible connector necessary?

EDIT: After the post the related area showed this Is using 4-pin connector for 8-pin ATX 12V power connector ok? that almost covers this case

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It's not necessary, the 8-pin was originally used for dual CPU motherboard designs.

But seeing as the older CPU's Intel P4 and PD's ran just fine with a 4-pin, I don't see why today's CPU's shouldn't, since they have much less power.

The 8-pin just provides extra juice to the CPU, depending on the circuitry of the board.

I have the 8-pin connected on my motherboard and can't really tell the difference between it and using the 4-pin. The only reason I done it was that my PSU (Be Quiet Dark Power Pro) came with an 8Pin lead that I could plug in and thought I might as well.

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