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When I open a folder with lots of files/folders, it will start to list the contents in small chunks, this is really annoying when I want to go to the end of the folder. I've noticed it also makes it slower to access the folders on Windows 7 compared to Windows XP.

So is there any way to remove this feature and go back to XP style ?

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File operations take time because compared to in memory operations, disk access is slow. Windows coders have two choices - make you wait while reading everything before showing you anything or show it to you as it is read. I guess it is a design choice.

I don't think you can "turn it off". Best I can tell your only option is a really fast disk - think SSD. (or going back to XP, but that seems like a bad idea in so many ways).

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well yeah, some cases the XP style is worser (if i have over 20k files), but i dont see point refreshing the contents view every 100ms... would be cool if i could adjust those timer values somehow? i had SSD but eventually it hung my computer a lot, so i threw it away. – winuser May 4 '11 at 23:38

Try setting the View slider to 'List' or 'Details'. That should shut down the thumbnail loading.

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i already use list setting – winuser May 5 '11 at 11:14

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