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Is it possible to get Ubuntu 8.04 truly recognize my Radeon 4650 HD? I'd like to take advantage of the 3D hardware acceleration and the dual monitor abilities of it, but I can't get the ATI drivers working. I've tried the standard ones, the radeonhd ones, the proprietary ones from ATI. I've followed a half dozen howtos, and looked at the forums - on which there is a thread suggesting that the linux drivers for the newer HD cards are still buggy and non-functional.

So my question: Has anyone gotten a Radeon 4000+ HD working with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. Where, by working I mean, full dual display, HD and 3D support? How'd you do it?

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Yes - but it's a bit of black magic and blind luck.

I got my 4870 working in 8.04, but I had to build the drivers manually and hand-edit my xorg.conf.

Best bet is to make the leap to 9.04 - the card will work well there out of the box.

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Yeah, going to 9.04 did it. Guess it's an LTS fail, but oh well. I've forgotten why I stayed with LTS in the first place - so that works for me :) – Daniel Bingham Aug 24 '09 at 15:21

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