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I have an ImageMagick command that is something like this:

convert "/path/to/photo" -set comment "(c) my company" -resize WxH miff:- | composite -dissolve 30 -geometry +40+138 -quality 80 "/path/to/logo.miff" - jpeg:"/path/to/photo_for_public"

Directory /path/to is mounted over NFS (same network). Some options of fstab that might be helpful:

  • Both rsize and wsize are 3kB
  • hard,proto=tcp,timeo=600,retrans=2

Sometimes the imagemagick command fails and produces no file (/path/to/photo_for_public might not emerge after command execution). Files might be from 100kB to 10MB. We usually re-run the command for files not generated. Sometimes it fails even twice, so we do it third time (hilariously funny, but even a third run can fail).

Are there any thoughts what may be wrong with my photo-processing setup?

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My first thought is: Where's the error message? I would expect your convert and composite commands to say something when they break.

Second thought is to break things up into separate operations for debugging:

  1. copy from NFS to local
  2. convert local to local temp file
  3. composite local temp file to local temp file
  4. copy from local to NFS

and then watch how far it gets in the process.

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