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Possible Duplicate:
Firefox 4, turn off “switch to tab” in URL bar?

When I type a URL in the address bar, if the same url is opened in another tab, instead of auto-fill option it prompt only for switching to that tab. Is there any way to disable this feature?
Note: this looks like a new feature in Firefox 4.0.

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Cannot reproduce. Start Firefox with all add-ons disabled or create a new profile by running it with the -ProfileManager switch to see if one of your add-ons is responsible. – Daniel Beck May 5 '11 at 7:37

Install the add-on "switch-to-tab Blacklist" it will take care of this problem. Since the add-on at the moment seems to be for advanced users, according to the developer, you should know what you are doing. The extension lacks GUI.

Read the instructions on the add-on website to configure it: switch-to-tab Blacklist

Set the about:config key extension.switchToTabBlacklist.blacklist to [".*"] if you want to blacklist all sites from the feature.

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Realized that this question was already answered here at Superuser. Look at:… – Anders May 5 '11 at 10:50

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