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Taskbar toolbars are really useful for projects I have open but when I'm done and I untick that toolbar from the list to display it goes forever and I have to remake it by doing the following each time...

Right click task bar > Toolbars > New toolbar...

Is there a way to get it to save the toolbars I make permanently?

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For information: The taskbar's setup is stored in the following registry key :

However, the contents are in binary, so not that easy to change.

The solution could be to use regedit to export the above registry key in its two states : with or without the toolbar. The only hitch is that Explorer has probably to be restarted for the change to take effect, which can be done with a batch file.

Here is a suggestion for such a .bat file :

regedit.exe /s "path of .reg file"
taskkill explorer.exe

If anything is missing, you could use Sysinternals Process Monitor to trace the "Toolbars -> New toolbar" operation, to see what else is changed in the registry when the toolbar is added.

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