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I have certain Windows services (mainly Apache, MySQL and Oracle) I need to use now and then. I prefer to have them disabled by default and start then manually when I want to use them.

Is there a tool that allows you to monitor and manage the Windows services you tell it to through the notification area? I basically expect one or more icons that:

  • Show whether the services are running or not.
  • Allow to start, stop or restart them quickly.
  • Play well with User Account Control.

I thought there might exist such a generic tool out there but I couldn't find the appropriate keywords for Google.

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Maybe Multi Service Controller is something you're looking for, I can't seem to find any other application available.

EDIT: just found out it only manages services that you select manually in a list, I'll leave this answer here if you still want something like that.

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Well, that's exactly what I want: I'm only interested in a few specific services. I'll try it and report back. BTW, the official site appears to be – Álvaro González May 5 '11 at 14:09

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