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I have a mac system which has a vmware windows system installed. Besides I have two monitors. Now I want to show windows in one monitor and mac in another monitor. I can drag the vmware to another monitor, But when I maximize the vmware, then vmware will occupy the two monitors, the mac system will disappear. Anyone know the solution for this problem ? BTW my colleague's machine do not have problem, and we have the same hardware, so I think this is a software configuration problem

Thank you in advance.

Jeff Zhang

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This may well depend on your monitor configuration. If you have the two monitors configured as a single horizontal span then maximise will maximise to both windows. If you have the monitors configured as independent, then you should be able to maximise to a single one.

For monitor configuration on OSX, open System Preferences > Displays

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How to do the monitor configuration – zjffdu May 6 '11 at 1:25

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