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  1. I was wondering what are the relations between Firefox and SeaMonkey?
  2. Is it true that an extension for Firefox is usually not for SeaMonkey? I hope to that a particular extension called TorButton for Firefox to be found for SeaMonkey. But I found none. Can I find an extension for SeaMonkey equivalent to TorButton?

Thanks and regards!

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SeaMonkey is the open-source continuation of the original Mozilla project; Mozilla stopped development when they changed their focus to Firefox and Thunderbird. Firefox and SeaMonkey thus have a common ancestor and are built on the same platform, but will not necessarily have the same extensions available.

As this earlier question points out, there are some add-ons that are available for both browsers. You can check the full list of SeaMonkey add-ons; this add-on claims to offer more than TorButton does, but you'll have to see for yourself. I haven't used TorButton and my installation of SeaMonkey is clean (no add-ons).

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also here a Firefox-Seamonkey addon-compatibility database and addon converter. – cipricus Apr 29 at 14:39

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