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Now, I know there is a list of YouTube downloaders here:

Youtube and Google video downloaders ?

My question is does any of these apps support resuming, meaning if my Internet connection drops halfway, I can continue from where I left off?

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I just stumbled across this question and figured I'd go ahead and throw in my answer. I can't speak for "most" downloaders, but the one I've been using for a few years now that I absolutely LOVE is capable of this. It can download almost any video on the internet. It's not just for videos either. It's a download accelerator for virtually any type of content. :)

Get it here: JDownloader

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Most rely on your browser's download manager / external download managers that you might have installed - so if the browser/external download manager supports resume - then the downloads can be resumed.

Point to note that most YouTube video links expire after about ~8 hours of inactivity ( I might be wrong about the exact time) so trying to resume these won't work - unless you're using something like IDM which can fetch the new download link, examine up to where the download has been done and resume from there.

(I mention IDM because I use it - I can't comment about other download managers)

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