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I have got an old laptop from a previous employee of my company. Because all the software I need is preconfigured on the laptop I am using the laptop as-is without un-installing or re-installing any of the softwares. The only thing I did is I create another user for myself and I am not using any of the existing user.

But in the C:\Documents and Settings folder, I can see the user folders for previous users which contain almost 3 GB of data.

Can I delete all these folders safely? If these folders can not be deleted fully, then what subfolders can be deleted safely? As the user folder generally contains lots of subfolder like: ApplicationData, LocalSettings, Desktop, StatMenu etc.

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I'd suggest you do it the "proper Windows way" and use Start -> Run -> lusrmgr.msc to remove the users before actually removing the files.

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If you're not using any of the files and there's no need to back them up, you can delete the entire user's folder.

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