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I try to put a lock on a file like this:

flock -e myfile.lock

The result is:

flock: bad number: myfile.lock

Doesn't matter whether file exist or not, or whether I'm root. I even tried chmod a+rwx myfile. Still get the same error. I tried the same not on my machine but on Debian and I get the same error...

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The command is missing. Try:

flock -e myfile.lock ls

The number is the file descriptor of the usage alternativ:

  flock -e 200
) 200>myfile.lock

See the man page.

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thanks, the number part I still dont get, but the missing command tip worked here: terminal 1 flock -x ./test.txt sleep 10, and after at terminal 2 flock -x ./test.txt ls – Aquarius Power Aug 18 '13 at 20:41

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