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I have installed WiX# on my Windows 7 (64 bit) operation system. I chose the folder name C:\Users...\WiX#\ for all files. Unfortunately I can't open the .CHM file. I get an error message

This program cannot display the webpage.

I can fix this by moving the file to another place or renaming the folder WiX# to WixSharp. Why does this happen and can I display the file without renaming the folder somehow?

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This seems to be a known bug:

[...] If the CHM file name contains the # symbol, then the topics in the table of contents do not appear. If the path contains the # symbol, then you may receive an access violation error message.

The only resolution listed:

To work around this issue, remove the # symbol from the file name or from the path to the file.

The article is quite old so does not mention Windows 7 but I just tried it myself on Windows 7 Professional (32 bit) and can confirm the behaviour.

The CHM format is actually compiled HTML. The # character signifies an anchor in HTML so probably the CHM viewer fails to resolve the path properly and to retrieve the content.

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