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Being as stubborn as I am, I use Microsoft Word 2010 to write a long, technical (mathematical) document.

I want to number my theorems, and I also want to make them referenceable later on. I tried

Field codes

but this doesn't entirely work. Quite unexpectedly, the second theorem becomes theorem 3:

Field results

What is wrong with my fields?

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It looks to me as though inserting the SEQ field inside the SET field is making n increment twice instead of just once.

I got it to work using the following:

Theorem {SEQ theorem \n}

This is the first theorem.

Theorem {SEQ theorem \n}

This is the second theorem.

According to {REF gauss \H!} and {REF stokes\H!},

and then adding the gauss and stokes bookmarks manually (using Insert | Bookmark).

When I toggle the field codes back off, it displays:

Theorem 1

This is the first theorem.

Theorem 2

This is the second theorem.

According to Theorem 1 and Theorem 2,

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, this is the method I use myself. When I wrote the Q a few years ago I was hoping for a method that does not involve 'invisible' things like GUI-created bookmarks. But they do work just fine. You can also display bookmarks in the text: see the last item in – Andreas Rejbrand Jan 18 '15 at 22:34

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