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I have created a blog on Blogger and would like to display some short code snippets in my posts. I used pre tag with some simple formatting (no syntax highlighting). When displayed in browser code looks fine, but when I try to copy and paste it to Notepad, the text is all on one line. Here is what this looks like:

(hopefully it is all right to post the address here). This happens only with Internet Explorer (I use IE 8), while Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome handle copy / paste correctly. Thank you in advance.

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possible duplicate of Why doesn't IE7 copy <pre><code> blocks to the clipboard correctly? – slhck May 7 '11 at 12:52
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Thank you for the comment. Actually, I was able to fix the issue by setting an option: Blogger Dashboard -> Settings -> Formatting -> Convert Line Breaks = No.

enter image description here

Now there are no br tags inside my pre tags and IE8 copies the snippets correctly.

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